Project List

Project Description Optimization Methods Probability Theory Algorithms Stochastic Processes Physics
Situation Assessment Using Bayesian Networks (2008-2009)   Bayesian Networks      
Path Planning for Land Vehicles (2005/2006)     Dynamic Programming, Shortest-Path Algorithms   Vehicle Dynamics
Threat Detection Using Bayesian Networks (2006/2007)   Bayesian Networks      
The Sensor-To-Target Assignment Problem (2005/2006) Combinatorial Optimization        
Portfolio Management (2003) Quadratic Optimization     Time Series Analysis  
Shortfall Portfolios for Heavy-Tailed Probability Densities (2002)   Statistical Analysis      
Extension of Mission Planning by Game Theoretical Methods (2002) Game Theory   Dynamic Programming    
Modeling of Complicated Traffic Types for Communication Networks (2002)   Fat-Tail Probability Densities   Self-Similar Processes  
Statistical Methods for the Detection of Failure Rates Anomalies (2000)   Statistical Test Theory      
Risk Management (2000) Least-Square Methods Bayesian Networks      
Estimation of Position of Autonomous Air Vehicles from IR Data (2000) Optimal Control Techniques, Pattern Recognition        
Fusion of Position and Velocity Measurements for Autonomous Vehicles (1999) Kalman Filter, Sensor Data Fusion       Vehicle Dynamics
Linear-Quadratic Control for Autonomous Vehicles (1999) Optimal Control Techniques       Vehicle Dynamics
Algorithms for Observer Position / Velocity Determination from GPS Data (1999) Optimal State Estimation        
Real Failure Behavior of Technical Components (<1999)   Renewal Theory      
Stock Market Analysis and Portfolio Optimization (<1999) Pattern Recognition Bayes Decision Theory   Time Series Analysis  
Development of Path Finding Algorithms (<1999) Dynamic Optimization   Dynamic Programming, Shortest-Path Algorithms